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Product Details with Limited Space

The QR code which is printed to the package of cherry is really useful. The QR Code will lead you to it accesses URL which you could grasp more information about the product. It seems that you can know the type explanation and history and the nutrition component etc of the cherry. The service by JA National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives Yamagata.  What a sweet and tastiness fruit…

QR Code the Unreadable digital text

QR Code – a 2d barcode format which is becoming quite popular with the new generation of Japanese cameraphones. Like ROT13 (a simple letter substitution scheme which encodes “secrets” as “frpergf”) the effect on the blog isn’t so much encryption as it is obfuscation – it requires a scanning program/device to return the text to human-readable form. (For example, the QR Code image here reproduces the next paragraph.)

Text which is optimized for machine use might not be human-readable, yet remain quite human-friendly. QRcode is designed so that cameraphones can quickly upload text from physical objects. I can imagine a QR Code print preview or a QR Code feed (something like an XML feed) available in browsers or via blogware. This would allow users to download text entries from a browser screen into their cameraphone/pda without having to establish any kind of wireless / bluetooth / cable sync. Read the rest of this entry »

Camera 77% of the mobile phone “necessity”

The camera has become basic function for the mobile telephone. The question now, how you probably use the camera of the mobile telephone?

As for investigation object, 300 camera equipped portable telephone users of 18 year old ~50 generations. As for man and woman ratio man 50.0%, woman 50.0%, as for classified by age, 18~19 year 20.0% and 20 generations 20.0% and 30 generations 20.0% and 40 generations 20.0% and 50 generations 20.0%.

About the use of the camera of the mobile phone from user 234 only 1 times or more use in month, as for the most reply with “photographing the still picture” 99.6% (233 people). The result almost says that everyone has done for photographing the still picture. The user “for reading the bar-code” has become 56.0% (131 people) , it was recognized that 1 people or more has used the function of bar-code reading for 2 people. Furthermore, as for the user which is used for recording animated picture 48.3% (113 people) , this time activity ratio was lower than bar-code reading.

Using the QR code which is installed to the gadget, where sales and promotion campaign usually accessed, it reached the point why camera of mobile phones is more to use frequently.

The bottom line is the camera of the mobile telephone you probably can say that it has become necessary ones, with evolution of the lifestyle of sales and promotion campaign QR code model.

Design QR


QR Code with a face design.

QR Code with a face design.

Design QR makes it possible to incorporate eye-catching images of logos, characters, or photos into QR code, while calculating without losing any information of the code.

About QR-code

QR code. Popularly used in Japan, it is a martix code or 2-dimensional barcode. QR (Quick Response) is specially created for fast encoding and decoding and boasts of larger storage than the normal barcode.

“QR Code is open in the sense that the specification of QR Code is disclosed and that the patent right owned by Denso Wave is not exercised.”—from the Denso-Wave website.

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